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aimed at one thing: to help you grow your business.

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for the industry,

by the industry.


With our extensive industry knowledge.

Creative Design

Made to Measure

Print and digital

We help you to look your best and create a brand image that can then be used everywhere

Content Marketing

Made to Measure

Content is King

sharing relevant information is one of the most powerful marketing tools available today.

Web Design

Made to Measure

Unique and modern

An attractive modern design adapted to your business.

Social Media

Made to Measure

Start a conversation

We will find the platforms that work for your business, and give you frank advice about those that don’t.

The latest from the Made to Measure Blog

Our happy clients

Reducing the risks around website hosting

October 21st, 2016|0 Comments

Over the years we’ve come across a few horror stories where businesses lose access to their own websites and are forced to pay someone to get back in. All because they didn’t have control over [...]

Publishers need to stop whingeing and start adapting

October 12th, 2016|0 Comments

If a new competitor enters the market and succeeds where other businesses are failing, they have two options: either close up shop or compete. The Victorian Government is considering a third option for taxi drivers [...]

Email: you’re doing it wrong

October 5th, 2016|0 Comments

I’ve seen a lot of blog posts recently about how companies are banning emails or only allowing employees to check them at certain times of the day because apparently they are a distraction and decrease [...]

You get what you pay for with free media

September 28th, 2016|0 Comments

When people ask me whether using PR firms and press releases is effective, I generally tell them with free media you really get what you pay for. Which is to say: nothing. Say you’re throwing [...]

“We needed people who really understand our industry”
Monkey Media client
“We don’t have the time to do this properly ourselves – it’s been brilliant having someone to take care of it”
Monkey Media client
“It’s been much cheaper and easier than hiring someone – and we’d never have found one person with all the different skills we needed”
Monkey Media client