Are you stuck for content ideas to keep your various social media accounts running? You’re not the only one, the constant pressure to feed the content machine can be overwhelming.

While there is no substitute for genuine and quality information that’s relevant to your customers; your in-depth contributions can be interspersed with some lighter pieces.

Here are a few of my favourite suggestions to generate quick content for social media;

  1. Quick report on every job

Create a simple template to fill out after each job or major sale. Chances are you’ll have a few forms to fill out as part of your existing processes, so why not add another simple one pager? Include a couple of key fields, such as client, job value, job duration, challenges, and one interesting or unique thing about the job. A wordsmith can then easily turn this into a great article.

Good for: Company website, company newsletters, LinkedIn

  1. Tweet  updates from trade shows and conferences

Out of the office for an event? Rattle off a couple of quick tweets giving your thoughts on a particular speaker or issue. If you can use the events official #hashtag that will help start a conversation with other attendees too.

Good for: Twitter. Also Facebook and LinkedIn if connected to your twitter account.

Bonus tip: take a picture as well, for sharing on twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

  1. Share your thoughts on an article

Keep your eye on your industry trade press. If you come across a relevant article online, share it and add your own comment.

Good for: LinkedIn, Facebook

  1. Take a photo of visitors

Special visitor from overseas, interstate, or even just another branch? Whether it’s a customer or a colleague, get a picture, with their permission of course and send it out with a quick comment, eg ‘Honoured to have received a visit from Dr. Smith, the leading pump expert’.

Good for: Instagram, Facebook.

Try to integrate content creation into your daily processes, making it a small but vital part of all key employees’ roles rather than leaving it to the work experience kid. With a bit of forward thinking and planning you may find it easier than you think to tap into a constant stream of quality content.