Chris Bland

About Chris Bland

Chris started Monkey Media in 2012 by accident when he was supposed to be taking a holiday. Prior to that he had launched six successful magazines, as well as couple of unsuccessful ones, and lived through the most tumultuous decade in the history of publishing by learning to adapt. He has helped hundreds of business-to-business companies improve their marketing and reach further into niche markets, and won’t rest until he has helped hundreds more. Chris has previously served on the board of Publishers Australia.

Reducing the risks around website hosting

Over the years we’ve come across a few horror stories where businesses lose access to their own websites and are forced to pay someone to get back in. All because they didn’t have control over their website hosting. Many people we’ve talked to have no idea who controls their website hosting or their domain name, [...]

Publishers need to stop whingeing and start adapting

If a new competitor enters the market and succeeds where other businesses are failing, they have two options: either close up shop or compete. The Victorian Government is considering a third option for taxi drivers who have been losing money to uber, placing a $2 levy on all rides to compensate taxi drivers for the [...]

Email: you’re doing it wrong

I’ve seen a lot of blog posts recently about how companies are banning emails or only allowing employees to check them at certain times of the day because apparently they are a distraction and decrease productivity. The theory is that people spend too much time looking through the barrage of emails they receive and less [...]

You get what you pay for with free media

When people ask me whether using PR firms and press releases is effective, I generally tell them with free media you really get what you pay for. Which is to say: nothing. Say you’re throwing a 1st birthday for your daughter, and you want as many people as possible to attend and bring gifts. Rather [...]

Should you sell ads on the front cover?

I’m going through my mail, I have a nice pile of new magazines, wrapped in poly bags (being in the industry, I get quite a few).  I’m noticing a trend with more and more trade magazines selling ads on the front cover. Is it a good idea? Should we try it? Definitely not! The most [...]

Get over it – there is no print/online divide

Often when I talk to people outside the publishing industry, or someome junior or inexperienced in the marketing space, they’ll ask about the divide between print and online. They’ll want to know which side are we on, or they’ll talk about how they’re allocating their budgets between the two, or favouring one over the other. [...]

What really happens when business buyers do a Google search?

If you’re running a local plumbing, appliance repair or other similar business, then Google Adwords are a powerful tool. But how effective are they for business-to-business searches? They key is to look at your customers’ behaviour. If your toilet breaks and you need a plumber fast, you search for plumber, and you’ll probably click the [...]

Taking life, and business, one quarter at a time

Some companies operate on the calendar year, some on the financial year, others again on different foreign financial calendars, but it seems at any one time, a good portion of the economy is paralysed by budget planning. I’ve lost count of the number of people who can’t make a decision, or plan something they want [...]