Laura Harvey

About Laura Harvey

Laura started editing niche trade magazines more than ten years ago, with a focus on infrastructure, construction and utilities. She left the industry for a while and spent a few years writing about the travel industry, but returned because she missed the glamour of writing about sewer pipes. Laura excels at writing to a purpose and creating the right content for the right audience and the right context.

Monkey Media’s event philosophy

Like a number of publishing companies, we’ve recently made the move into hosting live events, which has been daunting, thrilling, scary and fantastically satisfying (often all at the same time!). Since stepping into the world of events, we’ve come to see them as a natural extension of what we already do in the magazines we publish for the infrastructure, energy and utilities sectors. Magazines and events: more similar than you might think In many ways, events allow us to gather up all of the things that are great about our magazines, and deliver them over a concentrated window of time. This allows our delegates to immerse themselves in the topic in question, and hone in on some of the problems they’re looking to solve or the projects they’re looking to get up and running. Like magazines, events allow us to reach a large audience of [...]

Likes, followers, connections: navigating the social media maze

The way in which social media has transformed the ways we communicate with customers, in a little over a decade, is nothing short of phenomenal. Social media has evolved from its early days of providing platforms for friends to communicate and share information about themselves, into sophisticated business tools to now warrant an ever-growing slice of the marketing budget pie. LinkedIn If you can look past the (sometimes) overinflated CVs and constant invitations to scan your entire email contacts list for new potential connections, LinkedIn actually offers a great way to connect with colleagues and potential customers online. Importantly, for those in the B2B market, when you engage with people on LinkedIn you’ve got their attention in their professional capacity – so they’re more likely to take note. It’s a great forum for sharing information about your brand and products, to help build brand awareness; [...]