There’s nothing quite like going for a run every couple of days in January. January 1 is pretty quiet as everyone sleeps off their new year’s celebrations, but then a funny thing happens, by January 2 the running tracks are full of people. In peak times in inner city routes, you can’t move for people sometimes. What’s happened? They’ve all made new year’s resolutions to get fit.

But as January goes on, the crowds peter out and by the time it gets to Australia Day (that’s January 26 for our international readers), the crowd is back to the regulars, with perhaps one or two new faces who have stuck it out.

Does this mean that we can’t change? That we shouldn’t try? Of course not, but rather than waiting for an arbitrary change of date, if you want to change something in your life – change it straight away.

There are plenty of blogs advising on the best ways to set goals, so I won’t bore you with my take here, but if you have made a new year’s resolution and you are full of enthusiasm now, then I hope these thoughts will at least help you to fight hard to maintain that enthusiasm come February, and hopefully you will be one of the few who do stick it out.