What really happens when business buyers do a Google search?

If you’re running a local plumbing, appliance repair or other similar business, then Google Adwords are a powerful tool. But how effective are they for business-to-business searches? They key is to look at your customers’ behaviour. If your toilet breaks and you need a plumber fast, you search for plumber, and you’ll probably click the [...]

Is your website still playing Gangnam Style?

  Last week Spotify announced that their most streamed song ever was Lean On, by Major Lazer & DJ Snake (with MØ), but by the look of a lot of websites out there it’s still 2012 and Gangnam Style is still playing. 2012 was only three years ago, so the idea of Gangnam Style being [...]

SEO’s dirty little secret

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) experts are everywhere, spamming your email inbox daily, calling you on the phone, crawling all over LinkedIn trying to sell you their services. But there’s one thing that almost none of them will tell you. The secret truth of SEO is that most people don’t know what they talking about. It’s [...]

Where do we start on social media?

Like many people, I’ve been getting historical updates from Facebook recently, some going back eight years, which reminds me that social media isn’t something new anymore. But many companies are yet to fully embrace the possibilities, and one of the main reasons we keep hearing is, “I don’t know where to start!” So where should [...]

How much does content marketing or social media really cost?

Apparently a few companies have decided they can save on their marketing by cutting back on external spend and just do all their marketing themselves. They’re going to send out more newsletters to clients, update the website, create more content. Because after all it’s free…isn’t it? I mean we just need our highly paid Marketing [...]

Can trade publishers make native advertising work? 

There’s a lot of hysteria in the publishing industry these days about so-called ‘native content’. As in branded, paid for content, clearly marked as such, but otherwise adapted to fit the format and style of the publication. Of course this has been happening for years. Even in the mainstream; look at many of David Ogilvy’s [...]

4 tips to generate quick social content

Are you stuck for content ideas to keep your various social media accounts running? You’re not the only one, the constant pressure to feed the content machine can be overwhelming. While there is no substitute for genuine and quality information that’s relevant to your customers; your in-depth contributions can be interspersed with some lighter pieces. [...]

Blame William the Conqueror for your bad writing

Journalists, marketers and copy writers all need to get their point across simply and clearly, yet are often held back by a misconception of what makes ‘good writing’, a misconception which dates back to at least 1066! I’m going to give you one simple tip on better writing, but before I do, I need to [...]

Tear down all this talk of “paywalls”

Have you heard? Amazon has a paywall around its books, you have to pay to get them! ITunes has a paywall around its songs, you have to pay to get them! Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it’? So why call it a ‘paywall’ when you’re a publisher The answer is, you shouldn’t. It’s not a wall, it’s [...]

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