Made to measure or off the shelf?

Many companies I talk to are expanding beyond traditional advertising to focus more on custom marketing - improving their websites, creating a social media presence etc. This is a great idea, if you actually do it. But it’s not as easy or cheap as it looks to do properly. I was talking to a company [...]

The why and the how of the content revolution

Have you read enough articles about content yet? While everyone is talking about it, not everyone necessarily understands it, so I’m going to explain the content revolution as I see it. If you’re a sophisticated content marketer, then you’re probably not going to gain much from this (but feel free to keep reading and tell [...]

Seven common myths and misconceptions for b2b websites

We’ve been working with some fairly small companies to upgrade their web presence and have come across a lot of common myths about web design. Sometimes the views expressed were true a few years ago, other times it’s based on misinformation put about by less scrupulous operators, and sometimes people have ideas that are just [...]

What’s the point of social? It’s social!

When I talk to a lot of smaller and trade companies, they are keen to make better use of social media, but often underestimate the purpose and value of social media and still want to use it as an alternative channel to just continue marketing at people. The single defining feature of social media is [...]

Content: it’s not all about you!

“We need a LinkedIn company page, we need a facebook page, we need an email newsletter, let’s make a LinkedIn Group!” But what are you going to put there? I’ve seen too many companies set up new social and digital channels then just fill them with sales pitches and internal news. To truly engage your [...]

Now you’ve got them, what are going to do with them?

I posted recently about the pitfalls of attracting traffic to your site with bad SEO then disappointing them once they get there. But even when you impress with your genuine and quality content, if you’re not the sort of business selling products off your website then it’s not enough to simply get them there. Many [...]

SEO: a means to an end, not the end itself

Like any new industry, SEO has quickly attracted its share of charlatans and dodgy salesmen. Before proceeding with an SEO consultant, it’s probably wise to ask them about their history and experience; if they’ve previously been involved selling solar panels, and before that double glazing, it’s probably best to keep looking! Whether it’s a consequence [...]

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