Spoilt for choice: What it’s like working with marketing experts

We don’t all sit in an office filled with creatives, but I do, and sometimes I forget how lucky I am to just be able to have something produced to help get my message across. The other day we were talking about how helpful a video would be to explain how speed networking works at our conferences. I put some ideas together and mocked up something that was, in all honesty, pretty terrible, then asked my video expert to take over. Next minute we’ve got an instructional video complete with moving graphics, smooth transitions and a professional voiceover. This kind of stuff happens all the time as my newly designed business cards will show you. We’re pitching for a new client? The design team turn my somewhat boring text into a colourful, easy-to-read, well laid out masterpiece. Need to [...]

You’ll lose customers if your site is not mobile responsive

We’ve known for a while that people are using their phones to view websites, but as of March 2018 Google cares more about how your mobile site looks than the desktop version. If your website is not mobile responsive you’ll be turning away both customers and search engines. It has never been more important to get your mobile site right. What does ‘mobile responsive’ mean? A mobile responsive website changes (or responds) based on the size of the screen on which it is being viewed. Imagine your website has three columns of information, perhaps with some images and text that flows lengthways down the page. This probably looks great on a desktop screen with enough space to see each section clearly. If this webpage was not mobile responsive, it would simply show a smaller version of the site on the mobile screen. Imagine trying to [...]

Seven common myths and misconceptions for b2b websites

We’ve been working with some fairly small companies to upgrade their web presence and have come across a lot of common myths about web design. Sometimes the views expressed were true a few years ago, other times it’s based on misinformation put about by less scrupulous operators, and sometimes people have ideas that are just plain wacky! It’s time to bust a few myths. Myth 1: You shouldn’t have too much content on your website. What they say: I don’t want too much info on there, I don’t want to overwhelm people. Reality: No-one is sitting there going through your website page by page, feeling overwhelmed. It’s more likely they’ll google some info and come in through one of your content pages to get the answer they need. Having all the relevant and quality info you can get onto your site is the best way [...]

Dos and don’ts of company greeting cards

  Electronic communication has helped us become more efficient at work but there is a downside: When we shoot off an email we lose the opportunity to connect with our clients personally. An end-of-year card mail-out will show clients that they are dealing with real people. People who appreciate their business and wish them a happy holiday. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind: Do consider timing Plan when you would like your cards to be received. Early December is a good option; most workplaces are still busy then (you don’t want your card sitting in a mailbox unopened until late January). Are you posting nationally? Internationally? Consider postage times and remember that December is peak-time. Are you having a custom card made that includes branding? Consider production and printing times. Allow time for writing in the cards, as well as enveloping [...]