5 ways to make the most out of attending a conference

Whatever industry you work in, attending conferences can be a valuable way for you to improve your knowledge, increase your business and expand your network of connections. The benefits of the event don’t stop when you leave the venue if you take a few simple steps in the days, weeks and months that follow. 1. [...]

How do they stack up – trade shows versus trade magazines?

As another conference season ends, I return to the office weary, having spent what feels like every second week either manning a booth or walking the halls of a tradeshow. As always, we’ve done plenty of business, and got plenty of feedback from hundreds of other exhibitors at dozens of tradeshows, ranging from the good, [...]

Save time and money with custom events

I've been to a lot of trade shows in my career, and I've even run a few as well. I've seen the very best and the very worst, as well as the vast mediocre centre. At their best, trade shows are a brilliant way to interact with all your customers and prospects face to face [...]

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