How print and digital marketing can be friends

Digital marketing is often seen as the cool younger cousin of traditional print advertising, but that doesn’t mean there’s no place for some good old ink on paper in your marketing efforts. Whether it’s a display ad or some editorial content, combining the forces of digital with print is often a winning formula. You know [...]

Did Facebook just kill the internet with a print magazine?

In what at first glance looks like a sign that the world has gone mad, Facebook recently released a print magazine called Grow. Facebook tells us it’s a logical step that stemmed from business executive events it has been holding in the UK. We already knew that sometimes a screen just doesn’t cut it. The [...]

Comparing apples and oranges: readers vs subscribers explained

When comparing magazines you might get offered conflicting figures on readers and subscribers. These are two very different things, so it’s important to understand the difference and make sure you’re comparing apples with apples, and oranges with oranges. This is because readers and subscribers are two different ways of looking at a publication’s circulation. Much [...]

How to catch a magazine lying about circulation

In a hopelessly comma-heavy, coma-inducing and tediously legalistic way, numerous Australian laws state that it is illegal for a publication (or any company) to lie about the size of its audience (or anything, really) to get advertisers (or any kind of investment). But does that stop some of these publications? Nope. Suppose my friend, Kevin, [...]

Publishers need to stop whingeing and start adapting

If a new competitor enters the market and succeeds where other businesses are failing, they have two options: either close up shop or compete. The Victorian Government is considering a third option for taxi drivers who have been losing money to uber, placing a $2 levy on all rides to compensate taxi drivers for the [...]

How do they stack up – trade shows versus trade magazines?

As another conference season ends, I return to the office weary, having spent what feels like every second week either manning a booth or walking the halls of a tradeshow. As always, we’ve done plenty of business, and got plenty of feedback from hundreds of other exhibitors at dozens of tradeshows, ranging from the good, [...]

The measurability myth – the apple or the Mars Bar?

So, you’re on a diet, you’re counting calories. You go to the fridge for a snack, and there’s only two things in there. An apple, and a Mars Bar. Now you’ve heard plenty of good things about apples, but you don’t know how many calories exactly are in it, it’s not written on the side, [...]

Print is not your problem

A lot of print publishers are finding that their move into digital hasn't delivered all the benefits they were expecting. Nobody was reading their magazine anymore, so they launched an iPad edition, a digital flipbook, and then they found out that their readership didn’t actually increase all that much. People still don’t read the magazine. [...]

Now, more than ever, maintain your quality

If an upscale and once popular restaurant finds that their customers are declining and their spend when they do visit is decreasing, how do they respond? There might be some who go straight to cutting costs, replace the linen table cloths with paper, trade the fine wines for casks, and start serving a pot of [...]

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