Why you should take up the role of an industry thought-leader

Content marketing is all about sharing content with your potential customers that is useful, valuable and accurate. Not only does consistently sharing this type of information keep you front-of-mind when your customers are ready to buy, but it cements you and your business as an authority in the market. Bubble wrap, jacuzzi, yo-yo, onesie, super [...]

Is a sales pipeline the same as a sales funnel?

Any marketing professional or business owner worth their salt knows the importance of a sales funnel. A sales pipeline, however, is perhaps more important as it creates a specific process of how to nurture individual prospects and successfully moves a greater number into the purchase stage. Keep reading to learn the secret to how you [...]

Nimble competitors are moving ahead of you

Your relationship with your customer starts long before they hand over their money, or at least it should if you’re a good businessperson. Clever businesses know that the relationship they build with a prospect prior to a sale not only impacts the outcome of that transaction, but also the chance of further sales down the [...]

Stop chasing investors and start chasing customers

Having run a startup company of sorts the last few years, there’s still a whole startup world that’s completely alien to me. I had the good luck, and yes I do mean that, to start up a business with no funding. A lot of the blogs I read about entrepreneurs and start-ups seem to focus [...]

Are the best sales reps unmanageable?

There is a piece of wisdom as old as sales itself, and that is that the best salespeople are impossible to manage. But with print revenues declining and publishers offering an increasingly diverse range of options, the need for a well-structured sales team is more important than ever – so how do you get the [...]