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The marketing mistakes of niche businesses

If you’re doing well in a niche business you should be flat out because customers need what you do or supply. But what if they don’t know about you? That’s when you need to hit the market with some clever marketing. If you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to marketing, get ready to blow a lot of cash for limited results. In the world of marketing, your options seem endless. From print to digital, and then from your website, email, and social media, you’ve got your pick of platforms to use. Then you need to consider content type; such as long-form written content like white papers to shorter articles, blogs, videos, and infographics. Don’t forget your paid boost options, like Google Ads, sponsored social posts and remarketing.  Making your head spin? That’s why marketing these days is a specialist field, and marketing [...]

Multi-channel exposure: The new way to market

Marketing is, and always has been, about capturing the attention of your potential customers, building brand awareness and eventually converting this attention into business. The methods have changed, from TV, newspaper and radio, to the current world where these things still exist, and a multitude of other options have joined the market. To win at marketing in today’s world, you need to be delivering a consistent, yet platform-appropriate, message wherever your customers may encounter you. Today there are multiple mediums and channels competing for customers’ attention. To increase exposure of your message and allow for potential customers to encounter it wherever their attention is, we suggest producing content to be published across different platforms. This approach helps ensure an integrated and consistent message is delivered to potential customers in the likely event that they are exposed to your message on more than one platform. It [...]

Measure, reflect, react: The key to marketing success

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying: You can’t change what you can’t measure. This certainly holds weight in many aspects of marketing, especially in the digital space. And while measuring and gathering data is relatively easy in the digital world, it’s how you reflect upon and react to this information that makes all the difference. These days, you can access a seemingly endless amount of data related to digital marketing. Technology lets you measure practically anything: number of impressions and clicks, the location of your audience, demographic information. The problem is, measuring alone isn’t enough. These figures don't give you the full picture; you need to put on your analytical hat to determine if your marketing needs some tweaking. Drowning in data Let’s take a moment to think about your digital marketing options and what sort of data you can collect. You’ve got Google Analytics, [...]

The most important marketing question

You could be forgiven for thinking the most important marketing question of 2019 is “How many social media followers do you have?” It’s not. Now, as always, the most important marketing question you should ask yourself is not about marketing at all. Marketing should exist to support your business goals, so the first thing you need to be clear on is what they are, then you can plan marketing around helping you achieve them. Monkey Media Operations Manager, Kirsty Hutton, says it’s important to consider a number of factors before creating a marketing plan. “Of course the first step has to be defining your business goals, then making a plan to achieve them. We take a step back and consider the big picture. Things like the state of the industry, your competition and your own strengths are all looked at. Then we work out what [...]

How to reach the right audience

In business, there’s a big difference in the value between being seen by a lot of people, and being seen by the right people. You should have a clear description of who your ideal customer is, then you need to work out where they are and how you can access them. Reaching fewer people, but people who are actually your target audience, is far more valuable than advertising to a huge number of people who have little interest in your products or services. If you can find a publication or a way to reach you target audience on a large scale then you’ve hit the jackpot. It’s not easy, but it is possible to get your message in front of the right people. You just need to do your homework. Before you decide where and how to spend your marketing budget, take the time to [...]

How social media infiltrates the B2B world

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube weren’t around 20 years ago. Humans have been marketing in some form or other for thousands of years, so it’s no surprise we’re still learning how best to advertise on these new platforms. Social media platforms have a predictable evolution: something new makes a splash, the younger generation jump right in, the older generation get involved and then it’s officially a big deal. Once a platform has 100 million users, it’s safe to say it has gone mainstream. While the under 25s may not be your target audience, especially if you’re in the business-to-business (B2B) world, by the time a platform has gone mainstream there are a significant number of 35 to 65 year olds hanging around. Your target audience may be on social media. So how can you use this to increase business? Here’s where the school of thought [...]

Can social media drive B2B sales?

If social media doesn’t get a mention in your business marketing plan, you’re not paying attention to the behaviour of billions of people worldwide. Social media is here to stay. It impacts our friendships, our buying, our behaviour and it definitely should impact our business marketing. Social media is used for a lot more than social interactions, but businesses need to tread carefully to avoid coming across as using the platforms merely as soapboxes. Clever businesses use social media as an engagement platform rather than an announcement platform. In a business-to-business (B2B) context, social media can be used as a lead generation tool as well as to enhance brand recognition. The key is to share useful, relevant content your followers will appreciate, rather than constant self promotion they will process as spam. Social media usage changes almost on a daily basis. There are some companies [...]

Did Facebook just kill the internet with a print magazine?

In what at first glance looks like a sign that the world has gone mad, Facebook recently released a print magazine called Grow. Facebook tells us it’s a logical step that stemmed from business executive events it has been holding in the UK. We already knew that sometimes a screen just doesn’t cut it. The Grow magazine is apparently filled with in-depth interviews and spotlights on certain businesses and leaders. Facebook will not only send a free copy to those who attended their executive conferences, but make copies available in airport lounges and train stations. Despite initially calling it a magazine, Facebook has backtracked a little to claim it’s actually a marketing programme. If it looks like a magazine and has pages like a magazine; it’s a magazine. It also says so on the cover, but Facebook tells us it’s more of a “thought leadership [...]

Content marketing that actually helps your customers

Traditional advertising has the flavour of telling your customers how good you are or what your products can do. Content marketing, in order to be successful, must take the path of providing your customers with something they need. The premise of content marketing is simple: be of use to people and when they are ready to make a purchase they will come to you. It’s tempting, of course, to make your content all about you, to really drive home the point that you’re worth doing business with. This is not a good idea! Content marketing should put the customer first. Good content marketing is a specialist field, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own content. Below are some tips to help you produce content your customers will love. Solve a problem for them This is probably the number one thing that makes content [...]

Catching clients in a funnel

As a business, the world of marketing can be daunting, with numerous channels and limited time and budgets. And if you’re not a marketing expert, it’s more confusing trying to understand how to best market a company for optimum results. The other day I was searching the internet for a specific business on Google and noticed that one of their competitors came up on top in AdWords. They must have been paying to use the company I was looking for’s name as one of their keywords. But I didn’t want to hear from them at this point. By this stage in the purchasing process I already knew what I wanted and the company that I wanted to buy from. It felt a bit like someone jumping out when I was already at the cash register and trying to force an alternative product into my hand. [...]