5 great ways to nurture leads

If you’ve run a lead generation campaign, or have plenty of contacts that might have gone cold, or are capturing details on your website and don’t know what to do with them, an ongoing lead nurturing program is a great way to reignite the fire, move people along your funnel, and identify the keenest prospects. It takes time and energy to turn prospects into paying customers. Often in business-to-business transactions the buying cycle is a long one, but a lead nurture strategy can increase the chances that a sale will be the end result. Here are 5 of the best ways to nurture your leads. 1. Short term nurture track This approach can be triggered by a particular event. For example, it could be when someone first makes an enquiry or gives you their details, or it could be sent to anyone who hasn’t done [...]

4 ways B2B marketing is different to consumer marketing 

So your cousin has had a lot of success marketing his plumbing business on Facebook. Should you follow suit and invest in some Facebook marketing too? There’s so much advice out there on marketing nobody can take it all in. To make matters worse, most of it is based around consumer and mass marketing. But the fact is, if you’re in business-to-business and trying to reach a specific niche, then a lot of this advice doesn’t apply. The key is understanding what does still work, and throwing out the rest. Firstly, a quick definition, we are talking about business-to-business (B2B) marketing – marketing where you are selling to other businesses (including government organisations) rather than individuals. 1. Different demographics When marketers are targeting the consumer market, they often base their campaigns on traditional demographics like age, gender and income level – and Facebook is excellent [...]

Lead scoring and segmentation: how to sort the wheat from the chaff

So you’re back from a conference, or you’ve recently completed a lead generation campaign. But how do you work out who is the keenest, and who is going to be happy to hear from you? Here are our three top tips. 1. One step at a time Resist the temptation to jump all over your new leads straight away. As in any relationship, if you rush things you might put the other person off. Of course, if you’ve got people inquiring and wanting a response on your website, or you met them at a trade show and they were keen, you should get in touch straight away. But if they tell you they’re not ready yet or just browsing, or you’ve a bunch of leads from a raffle you held on your expo stand, or an online lead generation campaign, then you need to take [...]

Aligning your marketing with your goals

When you’re starting any marketing campaign, it’s really important to clearly define your goals first. This is the single best way to ensure you get the results you want. One of the most common mistakes we see is people getting it backwards, starting by choosing the platform or the content type. We often hear things like “We need to do facebook video!”, without much thought behind the message or the “why”. When there’s a mis-match between your goals and the marketing platform or action you choose, you are less likely to get the results you want. What are your goals?  Instead, start with your purpose. What results do you hope to get? Look ahead to the end of the campaign –  what will make it worthwhile for you? Usually it’s going to be an increase in your business, through more sales. So take it back [...]

Tips for running a successful webinar

The uptake of webinars and Virtual Conferences has exploded since COVID-19 hit and all trade shows and face-to-face meetings were banned, and they aren’t going away anytime soon. Even with restrictions easing, it might be a long time before large events can return to full force, and many companies will have limited travel budgets or be cautious when it comes to in-person visits. So it’s worth investing now in better ways of communicating with industry and potential customers. The pandemic has highlighted that webinars aren’t just a substitute for live events – they have their own benefits when it comes to branding, customer engagement and quality lead generation. You can read more about how they can benefit your business on this blog post. If you’re thinking about reaching potential customers with a webinar, here are five key tips to help you better connect with your [...]

Webinar follow ups: keep the conversation going 

Some companies produce their own webinars and virtual conferences, while others join industry trade events that were previously held live, or work with an agency or publisher to run something more hybrid, either under their own brand, or co-branded.  Sponsoring webinars and Virtual Conferences is great for lead generation because you are using someone else's already established lists which can contain a whole new audience for you.  Sponsoring webinars can include brand recognition through logos in event promotion, speaking slots or video presentations in the program, information sent directly to these lists before or after the event, and other options.  These new contacts can opt in to receive more information about your product or service and if it’s a high-quality webinar, you will be associated with it and seen as an authority in the space.  If you’re hosting your own webinar, you will already have [...]

Webinar technology: getting it right

People are forgiving when there are technical issues during webinars and virtual conferences, but it only takes a minute or two of dead air before you lose someone’s attention. When your audience is sitting at their computer, it’s easy for them to switch over to doing something else, so it’s important to get the technical basics locked down. There are a number of webinar platform options available including GoToWebinar, On24, ClickMeeting and Zoom, with the choice depending on a number of factors, including price and the specific features needed.   Regardless of the platform, the key is to fine tune communication between the production team, speakers, and the host/MC, to ensure that everything is seamless on screen, said Monkey Media’s Marketing Account Manager, Harry Johnston.  Monkey Media has run several Virtual Conferences in 2020, including Digital Utilities, Disaster Management, Asset Management for Critical Infrastructure, Flow Technology, [...]

Webinar format: make it fit-for-purpose

There is no set rule for how long a webinar or Virtual Conference should be, as the length of time should fit the content. If you’re turning a previously live event into a webinar, it’s important to not try to just jam in the existing content. For an event that was previously a one or two day conference, this could be compressed into a 3-4 hour webinar.  This is what happened with Monkey Media’s Digital Utilities 2020 Conference. As detailed on Lifehacker, the COVID-19 lockdown and travel restrictions began less than a week out from the Digital Utilities conference.  Chris Bland, Monkey Media’s Managing Director, said the decision was made to move it online on Friday, with the event starting the following Thursday.  “This gave the production team only three work days to transform it into a completely Virtual Conference, including finding the best platform, [...]

Webinar content: what value is it offering?

The content of a webinar or Virtual Conference is what will get people to register, so you need to be offering high quality information and engaging speakers. Think about what your identified target audience and potential customers would want to learn about and create a program around their interests and pain points. You need to be thinking about the webinar content in terms of what value you can give the people watching, rather than focusing on direct promotion of your business.  Monkey Media Managing Editor, Laura Harvey, creates the programs for the company’s Virtual Conferences and said the choice of speakers can play a big part in the success.  Monkey Media has run several Virtual Conferences in 2020, including Digital Utilities, Disaster Management, Asset Management for Critical Infrastructure, Flow Technology, and Smart Cities. “You need to decide if you will use an internal speaker from [...]

Monkey Media’s secret sauce

Marketing with Monkey Media works. It doesn’t happen by chance, we know exactly what our secret sauce is, and if you’ve stumbled across this article, we are going to share this recipe with you. Here’s our secret: Good content ⇒ good audience ⇒ marketing results It’s not that complicated really. More than half of our team work solely on content creation. Each of our magazines has a dedicated editor. Their role is actually more about communicating with and being in touch with the industry, and understanding what they want to know about. Our Utility editor talks directly to water and energy utilities every day. Our Infrastructure editor talks to infrastructure asset owners and government agencies. Our Energy editor talks to energy generators, distributors and retailers. Our Pump Industry editor talks to pump users. They also work with key industry associations and government bodies. All this [...]