The staff at Monkey Media are united by the desire to write the best articles possible, whether about the state of the pump industry or an exciting new town planning tool. At some point in time, many of our journalists have worked across all four magazines: Utility, Pump Industry, Infrastructure and Energy. With this sort of exposure, they’re bound to learn a thing or two about the industry.

You don’t find many journalism offices where an employee excitedly announces that Standards Australia have approved the development of a national standard that defines the criteria for material suitable for toilet flushing. Nor is it typical for anyone under thirty to declare a LinkedIn connection with the head of an electrical company to be more exciting than the Royal Wedding. Nevertheless, this is what goes on in the Monkey Media office.

Our editorial team is genuinely excited about their work and what they write about. In fact, the journalist covering the flushables story even came up with the title for this article. (And if you’re interested in that exciting news, you can read the actual article here.)

Image of Monkey Media Staff

It’s not just a love of pipes, pumps, water utilities and solar panels that make the team so unique. The editorial team consists of experienced journalists who have garnered valuable skills in writing about technical subjects.

They have a knack for working with industry experts and translating complex ideas into useful articles for our clients. While they don’t know as much about the industry as the experts themselves – if they did, they’d probably be working there instead – they do know what questions to ask. They can interpret industry terms and know how to work with our clients to produce quality content.

The nature of the work we do means our team members are constantly reading news articles that impact the industries our clients work in. They know the jargon and can quickly grasp the topics they’re briefed to write about.

This is what sets our team apart. I can honestly say I doubt there was an office in Australia as excited about the “toilet flushing standard” announcement… except perhaps those with a blocked loo.

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