In our obsessive drive to maximise SEO, too often I see companies become fixated on their performance for a couple of keywords and in doing so miss the forest for the trees.

Last time I checked, the ultimate goal of SEO, like all marketing, is to increase sales. There needs to be a stronger focus on capturing and converting qualified browsers, not just topping the search results.

In technical and trade industries, buyers will often conduct extensive research online before making a buying decision. They will seek useful technical information, case studies and independent endorsements. If your site doesn’t offer this info, then your top search result will get you a quick visit and an even quicker exit.

Instead, give a bit of thought to which of your customer problems your products actually solve, and what information your customers might be searching for when they could use your help – after all they might not even realise it’s you they’re looking for.

For example, you might want to sell a new low-maintenance pump. Instead of obsessing over how it performs in searches for the specific product type, think about what searches your customers might perform to find the low-maintenance pump to suit their needs or solve their problem:

  • Fix broken pump
  • Pump repair shop
  • Replacement pump parts

A pump engineer searching for answers to the above queries might be receptive to learning more about your low-maintenance pump.

So how do you drive the search traffic for those terms to your site? By creating genuine content on those topics. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, and think about what information you find useful when you’re planning a purchase.

Make sure your SEO program doesn’t lose sight of your ultimate goal of increasing sales.

How else can you find out more about what your customers are searching for?