Branding remains one of the most powerful and important marketing tools that all successful companies use. In B2B marketing, sometimes the value of branding can be forgotten. Many campaigns are now based around what is sometimes called the ‘bottom of the funnel’, which includes things like generating leads. But even these campaigns can be far more effective when you already have a strong brand.

Why does branding matter? 

Multiple studies show that the single biggest predictor of whether people will become a customer is whether they have heard of you before.

Humans are naturally afraid of the unknown. Evolutionary psychologists suggest that this is because, in many scenarios, ‘the unknown’ may pose some sort of physical threat. 

Consequently, we tend to favour people, places, and things that are familiar to us. Researchers, and marketers, refer to this phenomenon as the familiarity principle, also known as the mere-exposure effect.

As a marketer, establishing familiarity is one of the most powerful ways you can increase your conversions. If a potential customer is familiar with your brand they are much more likely to convert. However, many brands make the mistake of focusing too heavily on one distribution channel, leaving their brand to be quickly forgotten after just one or two interactions. Establish familiarity by reaching your customers through multiple touchpoints and watch your conversions rise.

What does a brand mean?

A brand is about what you stand for. Your promise, your unique selling point, your values can all be built into how the market sees your brand.

A brand also means trust. When a company has a strong brand, customers know what they are getting. It shows that the company has some skin in the game and something to lose if they don’t deliver, and this instinctively means people feel they can trust you.

While there is a lot of focus on the last click, it’s important to remember that:

By aligning your company with respected titles like Utility, Infrastructure, Energy and Pump Industry, you can build your brand and increase your recognition, prestige and level of comfort with our audience.

Many leading companies work with Monkey Media to build their brands with:

  • Thought leading content in our magazines and newsletters
  • Print advertising   is read by the most senior people in the industry and continues to have the highest rates of recall and deepest attention span
  • Web banners   appear alongside our trusted web content
  • Remarketing   reach the widest possible audience of industry professionals even when they are not on our website

What sorts of results can we get?

  • Remarketing campaigns can deliver over 20,000 impressions each quarter
  • Increased recognition from key industry players
  • Research studies show improved perception and trust
  • Increased response rates on direct campaigns
  • Increase in branded search (ie people searching for your company)

How do we measure the success of a branding campaign?

  • Long-term research on your marketing perception
  • Google Search Console   track searches for your business name
  • Google Analytics   track changes in your overall web traffic
  • Feedback from your customers
  • Impressions on web banners
  • Increased response rates on direct campaigns