When your solution is unique or complex, it can be a challenge to get acceptance from the industry. It’s not something that can be done overnight, but by a consistent approach to educating the market you can change hearts and minds and create new demand.

Many companies also find that their customers have ‘pigeon-holed’ them for a particular product. An education campaign can help show existing customers that your offerings are much broader. It’s also important to let the market know when you have a new product or service available.

We can help you educate both your current customers and new prospects about what you offer. 

B2B buying decisions often involve numerous decision makers, so it’s also important to be able to communicate different but consistent messages with different levels.

Some of the sector’s most innovative companies work with Monkey Media to educate the market with:

  • High level content focused on topical issues, strategic benefits and cost savings in the print magazine to communicate with industry leaders and decision makers
  • Case studies and technical content on the website and newsletter to reach engineers and project managers
  • Video content on the website and social channels to reinforce your message
  • Custom content partnerships to work with our editors and use our data and insights into what people are responding to
  • Nurture campaigns to send a series of emails and pieces of content over a period of time


What sorts of results can we get?

  • Increased demand at the top of the funnel – more searches for your company and solutions
  • Increased comfort from new customers with your solutions
  • More interest in your other solutions from existing customers
  • A shortened sales cycle


How do we measure this?

  • Increased acceptance or understanding of your unique solutions 
  • Greater recognition and responses from industry leaders
  • Feedback from your sales team that the sales process has shortened