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The opportunity

We are a media business with a few departments including magazine publishing, organising industry events and providing boutique marketing solutions to our clients. The Marketing Agency side of our business is exploding, and we have an opportunity for an enthusiastic and skilled Marketing Account Manager to join our team. 

The role involves deducing the business goals of our marketing clients, creating a marketing plan for them, then working with our in-house team of journalists, designers, social media ninjas and website experts to execute that plan. We build long-term relationships with our clients, so honesty, integrity and actually getting results matter to us.   

No two days are the same, so you need to thrive on a mix of thinking on your feet, reading clients’ minds and balancing competing priorities. 

You need to love marketing, and be the kind of person that Facebook and Google have already flagged to deliver every marketing-themed ad to. And if you love coffee as much as you love marketing, you’ll fit right in. 


Who are we?

Monkey Media is a unique hybrid, we publish trade magazine and organise industry events, and we are also a marketing agency, specialising in creating content and digital solutions for companies in our niche.

We are growing quickly and were listed in the Australian Financial Review’s Fast 100 for 2018.

We cover industries like utilities, infrastructure, and energy. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to have much knowledge of these areas in advance, as long as you’re open to learning their hidden mysteries!


Who are you?

Along with being the number one mark for marketing remarketing online, you need to be a great communicator and problem-solver.

We value proven results more than we value university degrees, and while we often have entry-level roles open at Monkey Media, this particular role isn’t one of them. We’re looking for someone with at least two years marketing experience, preferably in the B2B world and preferably at an agency.

Our clients mean the world to us, so before we let someone new loose on their account we need to be sure you’ll care as much as we do. 

You need to have a deep understanding of B2B marketing, with a willingness to test and assess different marketing techniques. We don’t jump into every new trend (none of our clients are on TikTok and won’t be any time soon), but we do keep on top of what’s working in our industries.  

For some of our clients, we are their first real taste of the world of marketing, so you might need to do a lot of explaining and reassuring. For others, we’ve replaced the role of a marketing manager so you’re leading the strategy and managing the work. And for some clients, we’re their entire marketing department, so you’re in charge of strategy, execution, reporting and everything in between. Think you can handle that? Read on.


What it’s really like

An average day at Monkey Media will see you performing some, if not all, of these duties;

  • Meeting with a warm prospect to learn what their business needs and assessing whether we can help
  • Preparing a marketing brief for the editorial team to create some killer magazine or web content
  • Briefing the design team about some new ads or infographics your client needs
  • Talking to clients, talking to clients, talking to clients… and then maybe talking to clients
  • Flying interstate to meet clients or attend an event (not too often, but we do need you to be flexible enough to take the occasional work trip)
  • Analysing marketing results and preparing reports for both internal and external review
  • Brainstorming ideas with the marketing team for new slogans or marketing campaigns to take your clients’ business to the next level. (Like figuring out a way to make a pump sound like it sparkles when, let’s be honest, a pump is a pump.) 
  • Before you start you might make a coffee, and you’ll get no judgement from us about drinking too much coffee during the day. (Plus you can make it however you like; we provide almond milk, MCT oil, and even hot chocolate for the sugar addicts. If we’ve missed something you need just let us know. Did we mention we think coffee matters?) 
  • We work hard, but not crazy hours, and we’re always flexible. If you’re focussed on getting a job done well, you’ll love it. If you’re looking for an easy-ride or are a  clock-watcher, swipe left!


But, like how many days and hours are we talking here?

Okay, this part is a little flexible, so let us know the hours and days you’re looking for. While this is a full-time role, we recognise that sometimes 9 to 5 in the office doesn’t quite work for everyone. If you meet the criteria and are prepared to work hard, we can find the hours or work arrangements that suit you.

You need to be able to get the job done, so if that means starting work after you drop the kids off at school, but also answering your phone when it rings, you’ll do okay. 

Or maybe you have PT sessions some mornings so prefer to start later those days, or take Italian lessons one night after work so want to hit the road before traffic gets crazy. We can work with your schedule if you’re a superstar and valuable team player.


What’s it pay?

The pay depends on your level of experience and flexibility. We also promote fast and will have more senior positions available soon, so if you’ve got the skills to step up into an Agency Head role in the near future, getting in the door and proving your worth would be a smart move. 


Sounds perfect, I’m in – what next?

Please visit here to complete a quick survey

Have you CV and cover letter ready to go before you start the survey. In your Cover letter, as well as the usual information, please answer the following question; “What upcoming marketing trends do you think will be the most exciting in 2020?”

If you are short-listed after this process then we will ask you to submit a 1-2 min video. Successful applicants from here will come in to Monkey Media HQ in Collingwood for a face-to-face interview. Don’t worry, the process doesn’t go on forever, but we really want to get to know you before making a decision.


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