Meet the Team

Marius M. Monkey

Chairman of the Board

Originally from the jungle, Marius M. Monkey started his career in banana imports and exports before branching out into the media.

His first publishing foray involved trying to get one million of his cousins working on typewriters to reproduce the complete works of Shakespeare and was not successful due to a lack of typewriters.

Following this he realised the future of publishing was in creating quality content for niche industries and he founded Monkey Media.

Chris Bland

Managing Director

Chris started Monkey Media in 2012 by accident when he was supposed to be taking a holiday. Prior to that he had launched six successful magazines, as well as couple of unsuccessful ones, and lived through the most tumultuous decade in the history of publishing by learning to adapt.

He has helped hundreds of business-to-business companies improve their marketing and reach further into niche markets, and won’t rest until he has helped hundreds more.
Chris has previously served on the board of Publishers Australia and has long campaigned for more publishers to adopt the industry’s voluntary standard of circulation audits.

In his spare-time, Chris tries to explain the evolving publishing industry to his school-aged children.

Laura Harvey

Managing Editor

Laura started editing niche trade magazines more than ten years ago, with a focus on infrastructure, construction and utilities.

She left the industry for a while and spent a few years writing about the travel industry, but returned because she missed the glamour of writing about sewer pipes.

Laura excels at writing to a purpose and creating the right content for the right audience and the right context.

Jessica Dickers

Senior Associate Editor

Jessica’s journalistic experience includes writing for titles like Broadsheet, Time Out Melbourne and The Weekly Review, as well as playing a role in the creation of Switch Magazine.

Originally from Geelong, Jess is the quiet achiever of the team but is known for cutting loose on the dance floor when she gets the opportunity.

Charlotte Pordage

Associate Editor

Charlotte set the bar pretty high for her career when she met and interviewed J.K Rowling for The Telegraph when she was still in primary school.

Since then, Charlotte has been trying to relive her glory days by editing a community newspaper, serving as Digital Communications Coordinator at the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival, and contributing to Plus Ones, an online publication reviewing food, arts and events.

Having lived and worked on a desert island off Cambodia, which was used to film Survivor, Charlotte developed the cut-throat skills she needed to enter the world of utilities and is now Editor of Utility Magazine.

When she isn’t immersed in the world of utilities, Charlotte rides her horse, Rudolph, and competes in dressage and showjumping competitions.

Lauren Cella

Associate Editor

Lauren brings a fresh approach to content. Despite having written for publications like Australian Geographic and The Border Watch, and featured in Girlfriend Magazine she has found that no amount of fashion how-to guides can compare to her true passion, writing editorial about pumps.

Lauren has also worked as both an English teacher in Korea and a cherry picker in South Australia. And while she is sadly a cat person the rest of the team try not to hold that against her.

Sam Penny

Digital Marketing Associate

Sam is our resident digital marketing guru. During his MSc program Sam focused on data mining and machine learning to extract marketing solutions from sets of ‘big data’. He’s also a dab hand at rebooting the office wi-fi.

Having recently moved to Melbourne from the UK, Sam is enjoying the warmer climate, though he must admit it still feels odd wearing shorts in December.

Elissa Duck

Event Manager

Coming to us from the big city lights of Sale, Elissa is a country girl who balances looking after her two kids under three with working from home.

Elissa started working in event management more than ten years ago, having managed all types of events from international trade shows to a wedding in a Scottish castle. Elissa found that while the wedding industry had the glitz and glamour, a good industry trade show solved her constant need for water bottles and pens.

When she isn’t busy working hard to create some of the best events in the industry, Elissa and the family love to get around Australia on camping holidays.

Alejandro Molano

Senior Designer

Alejandro (yes, …like that song) is the friendly guy wearing that funky t-shirt that gets called every time someone needs a website or wants to know what the latest Instagram filter is.

He has been crafting beautiful, functional and clever designs for print and digital for over 10 years.

Originally from Colombia, and having come to Melbourne via Brisbane and Cairns, Alejandro’s creative flair has helped to spice up many marketing campaigns.

Elisa Iannunzio


Elisa (known as Lee) has a background in events and experience writing content for film and TV
blogs, plus works on her own writing projects in her free time.

Lee is the poet of the Monkey Media team, with some of her works published in a literary journal. She even applied for the job with a poem as her cover letter.

In her free time, Lee is either binge watching TV, contemplating which Friends character she is (clearly Ross) or planning for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

Kirsty Hutton


Kirsty works part time with us in addition to a role in HR at a construction company, a Personal Trainer and a children’s book author. Which means she enjoys getting up at 4am each day to get everything done.

Kirsty has degrees in media studies and law, but always knew that court reporting or criminal law couldn’t possibly be as exciting as writing about the state of the pump industry or the installation of solar panels.

We gave her a job despite the fact she admitted in her application that she doesn’t like dogs.

Tanya Wagner-Smith

Office Manager

When the rest of the team is going bananas, Tanya is the one who holds it all together.

With a background in marketing for major ASX-listed companies, Tanya adds another level of experience to the team, but she hides a dark secret…

Her hair is naturally curly, like crazy curly (think Hawaiian frizz) but thanks to today’s amazing hair appliances, she is able to fool everyone into thinking it’s straight. She is also a much nicer person with straight hair. Watch her sprint if the rain catches her off guard…

Rima Munafo

Business Development Manager

Rima is a part-time Business Development Manager and full-time mum of two. Years of experience as an account manager for a top agency means she brings the marketing know-how to the team. She is also resident DJ on the office Spotify, bringing the classic ‘Ibiza Chill Out 3’ and other playlists to her head-bopping colleagues.

In her spare time Rima enjoys shopping, globetrotting, and spending time with her kids.

Helena Brace

Marketing Assistant

Helena is part of our star marketing team who take care of our clients. She came to us to find a change of pace from retail jobs and we delivered the fast moving world of utility, infrastructure and energy.

Her previous jobs included various retail and hospitality positions, she also worked as a intern at the Murdoch Community Research Centre in the Royal Children’s Hospital.

She is currently studying a Masters of Psychology at Victoria University, which she tells us is why she watches so much reality TV — to “study human behaviour”. We don’t believe her.

Titian Bartlau

Production and Customer Service

You know, like the 16th Century Venetian artist (see here for a handy pronunciation guide).

Titian has spent many years in customer service and creative roles and works with Monkey Media’s clients and advertisers to help them get the best return on their investment.

Due to her background in the arts she is still mesmerised by intricate shapes, designs and colours of pumps.

Jacqui Abela

Jacqui began her design journey when she graduated with Honours from Swinburne University’s National School of Design in Melbourne in 2001.

Having designed for the likes of Country Road and The Royal Children’s Hospital, Jacqui’s bold and carefully considered designs have won several awards over her 16 year career as a designer.

In between creating innovative designs for Monkey Media and our clients, Jacqui hones her passion for photography and kayaking and makes a damn fine cheesecake.

Jacqueline Buckmaster


Jac started out as an IT Consultant but soon found she had too much personality for such a career and turned to her more creative side, starting her own graphic design business.

When she’s not wrangling her three kids under seven, she now puts both her design and web skills to use for our clients.

Alkesh Gupta

Web Developer

Alkesh has run his own international web development business for more than 10 years, and has worked with Monkey Media since 2012 before becoming a permanent member of the team.

His unparalleled skills with WordPress and ability to find a solution to every problem has led to him being known as the Shah Rukh Khan of WordPress.

When he isn’t creating the world’s best websites he spends his time with his children aged 5 and 2 or watching the latest Bollywood movies.