Hybrid publisher and marketing agency Monkey Media has featured on the Australian Financial Review’s Fast 100 2018 List.

Monkey Media joined a number of other digital agencies on the list, but appears to be the only company with a traditional publishing arm to feature.

Based in Melbourne, Monkey Media was founded in 2012 and has successfully grown traditional b2b publishing across a number of print and online titles including Utility, Energy and Infrastructure. It has combined the publishing side of the business with running industry events, and a content marketing agency specialising in those same niche areas.

Monkey Media Founder Chris Bland said, “Monkey Media has always been a hybrid, and what’s pleasing about our growth is that it has come from both the traditional publishing, and the digital and content marketing sides of the business. Having capabilities in one of these areas supports the other and vice versa.

“For us, it’s never been about print versus digital. In publishing and in marketing the platforms may have changed, but the fundamentals haven’t. It always comes back to two things, audience and content, and if you can get both those things right you can continue to attract attention and utilise the value that comes with that.”

Now in its 29th year, entrants to 2018’s Fast 100 must have commenced trading before July 1, 2014, and provide four years of turnover data, with a minimum of $500,000 in the first reporting period (2014-15).