Like a number of publishing companies, we’ve recently made the move into hosting live events, which has been daunting, thrilling, scary and fantastically satisfying (often all at the same time!).

Since stepping into the world of events, we’ve come to see them as a natural extension of what we already do in the magazines we publish for the infrastructure, energy and utilities sectors.

Magazines and events: more similar than you might think

In many ways, events allow us to gather up all of the things that are great about our magazines, and deliver them over a concentrated window of time. This allows our delegates to immerse themselves in the topic in question, and hone in on some of the problems they’re looking to solve or the projects they’re looking to get up and running.

Like magazines, events allow us to reach a large audience of dedicated industry professionals, and highlight some of the latest projects, technologies and ideas that are shaping their industry.

Like magazines, events allows us to confront some of the challenges that a particular industry might be facing, and present ideas and solutions that can light the way forward.

And like magazines, events allow us to showcase to delegates the opportunities that are emerging within their chosen sector.

What’s different about a Monkey Media event?

Unlike a typical event company, we only produce events in areas where we already have a deep knowledge and connection. Our conference programs are put together by our knowledgeable editors with a strong emphasis on providing useful information and creating genuine discussion around topical issues.

As well as the knowledge sharing opportunities they create, events also allow us to connect people within industries, and help to create meaningful partnerships that have real world applications for the relevant sector.

Our events regularly attract some of the most senior executives in our target industries, and are recognised by attendees as being among the very best conference and event experiences they have had.

Of course our events are also a great opportunity for our editors and journalists to spend more time with the audiences they look after, which provides us with rich insights into what they want to learn more about and where they want us to direct our time and energy.

Connecting people with quality information

Nowadays, our editors and journalists spend as much time planning for and working on events as they do on our print magazines, and we see this as a natural evolution for a publishing company.

For us, nothing is as important to us as our audience, and providing them with information that makes their professional lives easier. And at the end of the day, we’re just as happy delivering this information in a print magazine or at a live event.

If you’d like to know more about our events, check out our event websites: