Marketing with Monkey Media works. It doesn’t happen by chance, we know exactly what our secret sauce is, and if you’ve stumbled across this article, we are going to share this recipe with you.

Here’s our secret:

Good content ⇒ good audience ⇒ marketing results

It’s not that complicated really.

More than half of our team work solely on content creation. Each of our magazines has a dedicated editor. Their role is actually more about communicating with and being in touch with the industry, and understanding what they want to know about.

Our Utility editor talks directly to water and energy utilities every day. Our Infrastructure editor talks to infrastructure asset owners and government agencies. Our Energy editor talks to energy generators, distributors and retailers. Our Pump Industry editor talks to pump users. They also work with key industry associations and government bodies.

All this work goes into creating magazines, websites, newsletters, conferences, webinars, and videos that cover information essential to these people. 

As a result, every day, water and energy utilities read Utility, infrastructure asset owners read Infrastructure, energy generators, distributors and retailers read Energy, and pump-users read Pump Industry.

So, when we work with companies that want to reach our audience, getting results is easy.



From ABB to Zinfra, many of the sector’s biggest names have worked with Monkey Media to build their brand with our audience of decision makers.

A successful branding strategy can be measured in the long-run by increased recognition from key industry players, and research studies showing improved perception and trust. 

In the shorter term, brands working with Monkey Media have measured success through increased response rates on direct campaigns, and increases in branded search (people searching for their company by name).

Commenting on a recent digital campaign with Utility, Oracle’s Marketing Manager said, “We received great internal feedback around the work that we did – prospects and customers recalled seeing some of the Oracle articles on-site, and this helped the sales team with their conversations.”

Hexagon, a global integrated company serving a range of markets, has carried out a series of campaigns with Monkey Media, focused on Infrastructure and using channels including print, online, and events. Their marketing manager has noted that Monkey Media is one of their preferred channels for building their brand, as they find we reach the best quality and most relevant audience.

We have worked with Zinfra for many years, on a range of integrated campaigns including content and ads in Utility and Energy and online, as well as content creation, infographics and videos. Zinfra Marketing and Communications Manager Miranda recently said, “Monkey Media’s specialist knowledge, experience, quality of work and client service is second to none.  I have always been very happy with their work and recommend their services”.


Educating the market

Monkey Media’s readers set the pace in their industries, so the more you can influence them, the more you can change the direction of an industry. 

Companies who work with us to educate the market have found increased ‘the top of the funnel’ demand, increased comfort from customers with their solutions, and a shortened sales cycle.

Edge Underground has undertaken a long-term campaign with Utility to educate the market on microtunnelling and related trenchless techniques. They generally win their jobs through tenders or subcontracts. Founder Stuart Harrison recently noted the best result to come out of his campaign is the fact that now, within the industry, “no-one ever questions my expertise”.



If you want to generate leads directly from our audience, then offering something of value like an eBook or webinar is a great way to get people to opt-in.

With the right content, our custom EDMs can get over 50 leads or as many as 100, our custom webinars can easily attract over 200 leads, and virtual event sponsorship can generate between 20 and 50 leads.

SAS Software carried out two lead generation campaigns with Utility and Energy, using a series of white papers and emails and generating over 100 qualified leads. 

Their Senior Marketing Specialist noted that, “Working with Utility and Energy magazine has proved to be a valuable channel to reach key stakeholders in the energy and utility sectors. 

“Through a combination of lead generation and thought leadership articles, I’ve been able to execute campaigns that specifically target the key criteria of my company’s target market. 

“The flexibility to develop campaigns that suit my requirements has been a breath of fresh air. Looking forward to executing more campaigns in the future.”


For more information on the sort of results Monkey Media can get for you, contact one our team today.