Monkey Media, the publisher behind some of Australia’s biggest trade magazines does more than just print mags. The growth from creating magazines into full service marketing for businesses within the industry was a natural one.

Utility Publisher, Chris Bland, said the marketing services branch of the business grew organically as advertisers began to ask if more could be done to help their brand.

“I’d always known our journalists and editors had a unique set of skills, in that they could speak the language of the industry as well as craft this into interesting articles. The businesses who were advertising with us also realised this combination of skills is rare and demand for the marketing services grew from that,” said Chris.

How did a magazine publisher become a marketing agency?

Initially just doing some content writing for smaller clients, the agency side of Monkey Media has grown to encompass a team of designers, video editors and strategy managers, along with the original journalists and editors.

Chris said this combination of skills enables clients to have access to a range of marketing experts they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.

“It’s impossible to find one person who can write well, understand the industry, be across social media platforms, know how to edit videos or photoshop images in a simple package. People might know a bit about a few of these things, but having experts in each of these areas working together is the key,” said Chris.

Utility and the water industry

In the video below, Chris and Utility Editor, Charlotte Pordage, share some of the key reasons the Monkey Media team has taken to full service marketing like ducks to water.

One important aspect of communicating your message is to make sure you’re telling the market something that matters to them. Monkey Media Content Strategy Manager, Kirsty Hutton, explains why content marketing is such a valuable tool.

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