I posted recently about the pitfalls of attracting traffic to your site with bad SEO then disappointing them once they get there. But even when you impress with your genuine and quality content, if you’re not the sort of business selling products off your website then it’s not enough to simply get them there.

Many B2B companies sell high value, long lead time items that customers don’t simply buy straight away, or they may sell solutions that customers only need at certain times. So even if you can attract them to your site, you still need to go a step or two further to result in a sale.

The next step is to capture their details, which can be done via a sign-up form. But you need to give them a reason to do so. Offering an email newsletter or whitepaper can be a great way to do this, particularly if you’re actually providing some useful information. For example, if you’re selling solutions for councils to unblock drains in emergencies, offer a white paper with a number of tips on how to deal with such a situation – this way you’re capturing details only of very relevant prospects.

That’s step one, you’ve got their details, but perhaps the emergency has passed and they don’t need you this time. How do you stay top of mind for the next one?

The key here is lead nurturing, a structured program to keep in touch with these leads at regular intervals so they remember you when they need to. One of the simplest and most effective tools here is an email newsletter – a low stress way to maintain regular content. But again the key here is to provide useful information.

Create quality content such as technical tips, and useful how-to guides to keep your leads reading it. The content of any internal newsletters to staff is not necessarily going to be interesting or relevant to prospect either. Similarly, if you just fill it up with promotional stories your unsubscribe rate will go up.

BONUS TIP: Make sure your email newsletter complies with spam laws – contact us for more advice here.