Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) experts are everywhere, spamming your email inbox daily, calling you on the phone, crawling all over LinkedIn trying to sell you their services. But there’s one thing that almost none of them will tell you.

The secret truth of SEO is that most people don’t know what they talking about.

It’s actually very simple, but by pulling out as much jargon as possible, they can muddy the waters and make you feel you must be getting something valuable.

In reality, the technical side is very simple and only a small part of it. Google go out of their way to be clear and open about what you need to do technically.

And these days with most sites it should be a simple matter to ensure they comply with these best practice guidelines.

Google’s only goal in the end is to ensure that the person searching actually gets the information they are looking for.

So many SEO practitioners take the current situation and try to manipulate it to get better search performance than their content or site deserves.

Sometimes, they have limited success for a period of time.

But in the end, Google keeps working to improve the experience for the searchers and finds ways to beat these tricks.

The ways to ‘cheat’ that the more shady SEO experts come up with today are out of date tomorrow.

The most important thing you can do to guarantee long-term search engine performance is to have the right content for your audience, to have the information that your potential customers are searching for, and genuinely will want to read when they find your site.

Get the technical side right, to ensure that your content can be found by Google, but don’t get caught up in tricks and scams.

Instead focus on anticipating your customers questions, answering those question and ensure your website is rich in the information that demonstrates your expertise, and helps them find more of the sort of information they want.