We don’t all sit in an office filled with creatives, but I do, and sometimes I forget how lucky I am to just be able to have something produced to help get my message across.

The other day we were talking about how helpful a video would be to explain how speed networking works at our conferences. I put some ideas together and mocked up something that was, in all honesty, pretty terrible, then asked my video expert to take over.

Next minute we’ve got an instructional video complete with moving graphics, smooth transitions and a professional voiceover.

This kind of stuff happens all the time as my newly designed business cards will show you.

Shots of networking video
Some shots from the amazing networking video

We’re pitching for a new client? The design team turn my somewhat boring text into a colourful, easy-to-read, well laid out masterpiece. Need to show how a client is a thought-leader? Someone in the editorial team ghost-writes an article to take them to the next level.

Websites, landing pages, social media posts? We’ve got it all covered. It means that whatever marketing collateral I need, I can have it whipped up in-house without any fuss.

Of course, the team don’t just sit around waiting for me to give them work. Nothing could be further from the truth. But when I need something done that’s outside my speciality, there’s always someone who can do it quicker and better than I could do it myself.

“Teamwork makes the dream work”

It’s pretty amazing how they have all come together, and how willing they are to work as a cohesive team. I’ve been in plenty of workplaces where this doesn’t happen. I think one thing that makes it all work is that we have such a range of specialities working together.

I know the video guy is going to produce something better than I could do myself, just like the journalists are superstars at writing, and our design team bring ideas to pictorial life like no one else could. And while recognising expertise in others, they can also recognise it in themselves and have the opportunity to show their stuff.

Plus, combining our niche industries and magazine work, which has now expanded into the marketing space, has meant that our people don’t get bored. They’re awesome at producing quality magazines, whether that be through writing, design or marketing work. They can then flex those same muscles and apply it to client work… or work that I need, like our event video.

Unstoppable force

The result of these experts all working in harmony is something quite beautiful to see. Because, while what I need to promote Monkey Media is just one part of the picture, the events team get what they need to promote the events and our clients get whatever is needed to make their marketing pop.

A journalist can brief the designers to create an infographic that enhances an article, or get a video made up, or ask the digital team for some social advice, all under the same roof.

Without politics or delay, stuff just happens. And that’s pretty special.

Just some of the Monkey Media team
Just some of the Monkey Media team