For years now, publishers have complained about trading print dollars for digital dimes.

Although many have turned the corner and are now earning plenty of revenue from non-print channels, there’s still an undercurrent in the industry that digital is somehow the enemy, and if not for the advent of the web it would still be glory days for publishing.

What nonsense!

Publishers also need to stop and think about all the ways the web improved not only the publishing industry as a whole, but even print publishing specifically.

The end-to-end process of putting together a magazine has become so much faster, easier, cheaper and leaner due to digital technologies.

For example;


Checking for plagiarism or past publishing Google search a representative sample of the text Read the mags you know, hope for the best
Background research for story Google search Trip to the library
Finding a past article Search your own website Search the cupboards
Getting copy of press release Google search Hit the phones, ask someone to fax it to you, transcribe it
Building your database Web signups, web searches, automated marketing campaigns Subscribe cards, mailed offers, telephone sales
Getting advertising materials


Email, ftp, dropbox, Google drive etc Wait for the post or a courier to deliver the bromide
Sending the file to print


Email, ftp, dropbox, Google drive etc I haven’t been around long enough to know what happened before desktop publishing, but I remember when we at least had to post it on a ‘zip-disk’

You get the idea.

The costs of publishing have decreased, and digital technology has made our job easier in so many ways.

This is not to mention the myriad additional publishing and revenue opportunities that the web has created – that is perhaps a topic for another day – but even if you are just focussed on print, the internet has given you many things you can be grateful for.