Terms and Conditions

Content Suite Competition Terms and Conditions

1. Promoter

This is a game of skill run by Monkey Media Enterprises

2. Entrants

It is open to businesses who partake in paid marketing targeting, at least in part, businesses in Australia in the utilities, infrastructure or energy space. 

3. Time frame

The competition is open from midnight (AEDT) 1 November 2019 to midnight (AEDT) 1 December 2019.

4. Entries

Entrants must complete all fields in the indicated entry form and may enter only once. The winner will be judged by Monkey Media based on the most compelling answer to the question requiring an answer of 50 words or less. The decision of the winner is final and no correspondence about reasons for the outcome will be entered into. 

5. Cost

There is no cost to enter this competition.

6. Intellectual property

All content created for the winner may be used by Monkey Media in any way whatsoever for the purposes of further promoting the Monkey Media Marketing Services. The winner may also use the content in any way they see fit to further promote their own business. 

7. Disqualifications

This competition cannot be won by businesses that are already Monkey Media Marketing Services clients, however, it is open to businesses who sponsor events run by Monkey Media or pay for advertising either in magazines or on websites owned by Monkey Media. 

8. Privacy

See our privacy policy ay https://www.monkeymedia.com.au/privacy-policy/

9. Notification

Winners will be notified by email by 20 December 2019 and the winning business name will be listed on the Monkey Media website (https://www.monkeymedia.com.au/blog/). 

10. Prize

The winner will receive one content suite package produced by Monkey Media. In order for this to be created, the following criteria must be adhered to or the winner forfeits their prize.

a) A content suite by Monkey Media is made up of the following items;

i) A master content piece
ii) Formatting (print or web) of this piece of content if required
iii) A shorter article on the same topic as the master content
iv) Graphics and suggested text for social media sharing of the content
v) Two out of the following four options;

  • An additional article
  • An information video
  • An infographic
  • Design of print or web advertisements

b) Items within the content suite may be substituted for other pieces of content of similar value as agreed by Monkey Media

c) Monkey Media will advise on an appropriate topic for the content suite after discussing options with the winner

d) The winner must provide Monkey Media with the necessary information about their business, products or message within a reasonable time for Monkey Media to create the content suite or they forfeit the prize

e) All questions must be responded to and feedback given within a reasonable time. For clarity, a reasonable time is usually within one week.

f) All work must be completed by 1 March 2020 or the prize is forfeited