You could be forgiven for thinking the most important marketing question of 2019 is “How many social media followers do you have?” It’s not. Now, as always, the most important marketing question you should ask yourself is not about marketing at all.

Marketing should exist to support your business goals, so the first thing you need to be clear on is what they are, then you can plan marketing around helping you achieve them.

Monkey Media Operations Manager, Kirsty Hutton, says it’s important to consider a number of factors before creating a marketing plan.

“Of course the first step has to be defining your business goals, then making a plan to achieve them. We take a step back and consider the big picture. Things like the state of the industry, your competition and your own strengths are all looked at. Then we work out what tactics will help you make a marketing impact,” said Kirsty.

Content still matters

Stories have always been important to humans and content marketing takes advantage of that approach.

Kirsty says the structure of the story matters, and what the consumer is interested in should always come before what the seller is trying to push.

“The seller or supplier gets to explain what they’re good at, but that comes secondary to the consumer getting something of value from the content,” said Kirsty.

In the video below, Kirsty, along with Monkey Media Publisher, Chris Bland, explains more about the marketing options available today, and how Monkey Media uses a combination of these strategies to help their clients make an impact.

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