The content of a webinar or Virtual Conference is what will get people to register, so you need to be offering high quality information and engaging speakers. Think about what your identified target audience and potential customers would want to learn about and create a program around their interests and pain points. You need to be thinking about the webinar content in terms of what value you can give the people watching, rather than focusing on direct promotion of your business. 

Monkey Media Managing Editor, Laura Harvey, creates the programs for the company’s Virtual Conferences and said the choice of speakers can play a big part in the success. 

Monkey Media has run several Virtual Conferences in 2020, including Digital Utilities, Disaster Management, Asset Management for Critical Infrastructure, Flow Technology, and Smart Cities.

“You need to decide if you will use an internal speaker from your own company, external experts, or both. A mix is often good as it provides broader program appeal and can look less promotional,” she said.  

“The key with speaker selection is to first define the topics you want to address in your webinar, and then choose the speakers who are well-regarded and best placed to address these topics, internally or externally.

“Speakers who have a high public profile, and who have their own broad networks that they can leverage to attract more delegates to your event are also beneficial.”

There’s been a huge number of new webinars popping up lately, so like anything else there are good and bad ones. You want to make sure you’re not contributing to ‘webinar spam’. Don’t just do a webinar because everyone else is. You still need to have something useful to say. 

“I think it’s important to not just host a webinar because it’s a trend. Create one if you actually have something to say that you think your audience will get value from, this way, you’ll stand out from the crowd,” Laura said.

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