Some companies produce their own webinars and virtual conferences, while others join industry trade events that were previously held live, or work with an agency or publisher to run something more hybrid, either under their own brand, or co-branded. 

Sponsoring webinars and Virtual Conferences is great for lead generation because you are using someone else’s already established lists which can contain a whole new audience for you. 

Sponsoring webinars can include brand recognition through logos in event promotion, speaking slots or video presentations in the program, information sent directly to these lists before or after the event, and other options. 

These new contacts can opt in to receive more information about your product or service and if it’s a high-quality webinar, you will be associated with it and seen as an authority in the space. 

If you’re hosting your own webinar, you will already have the leads, but it’s critical to continue to keep in touch with them in a useful way and provide them with continued value. This could be in the form of adding these contacts to an automated nurture track so they can be sent related information. It’s this ongoing engagement that allows you to get the most out of the webinars, long after they are over. 

Monkey Media has run several Virtual Conferences in 2020, including Digital Utilities, Disaster Management, Asset Management for Critical Infrastructure, Flow Technology, and Smart Cities.

Monkey Media Managing Editor, Laura Harvey, said, “Our conferences remain online after the live virtual event has concluded, so we continue to have people registering to watch our previous events on-demand, which extends the life of the webinar content we create.”

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