Like many people, I’ve been getting historical updates from Facebook recently, some going back eight years, which reminds me that social media isn’t something new anymore. But many companies are yet to fully embrace the possibilities, and one of the main reasons we keep hearing is, “I don’t know where to start!”

So where should you start?

The answer is you should start with content. If you don’t have something interesting to say or share on social media, then you’re missing the point.

Social media is effective because it is social. What I mean is, people use it communicate with their friends (eg Facebook) or colleagues (eg LinkedIn). Business can take advantage of this by encouraging people in your network to share your information with their network, who then share it with their network and so on.

In the end, they only do this when the content is interesting, so the content you start with needs to be worth sharing. It needs to inform, entertain, make them look good, make them laugh, make their jobs easier or their lives better in some way.

It all comes back to content.

Write one post, just one to get started. Then write five. If you can write five, you’re ready to get started.

Focus on what you know. Think about something that is interesting and useful to your customers. It should cover an area or issue or topic you know about through your work, and know a lot about. If you really think you don’t know enough or there is nothing you know that is interesting to your customers, then ask yourself why anyone would do business with you?

But don’t be one of those companies that has a burst of activity for a few months, then stops, leaving the latest news section of your website permanently stuck in 2012.

Create a calendar, work in advance and plan it out. Consistency and quality will keep you and your business top of mind with your networks.

If this is all still too much, get a professional to help.