Content marketing is all about sharing content with your potential customers that is useful, valuable and accurate. Not only does consistently sharing this type of information keep you front-of-mind when your customers are ready to buy, but it cements you and your business as an authority in the market.

Bubble wrap, jacuzzi, yo-yo, onesie, super glue. What do all these words have in common? They are all brand names that have become generic terms for everyday items. The way to reach this height of true authority is to either be the first in the market, or if that’s not possible, be the best in the market. And have a kick-ass marketing campaign that puts your brand beyond anyone else’s.

With great power comes great responsibility

Basically, you want your customers to see you and your business as a leader. This can be achieved by releasing your own thought-leadership pieces, or sometimes even better, being quoted as an expert in third-party material.

Creating a thought-leading article means staying up-to-date with current trends and changes in your industry and provides thoughtful, expert opinion or advice on a topic. Successful thought leadership needs to be accurate, informative, and take a defined viewpoint or offer a useable solution.

While it may be tempting to promote your product or service while you have people’s attention with your inspiring thought leadership, doing so can dilute  the desired impact. People can smell a plug from a mile away, and if you want your opinion and expert advice to be valued and trusted, it needs come from a place of knowledge giving and genuine interest in support of the industry.

It’s a slow burner

Becoming a household name doesn’t happen overnight. Like any situation in life, trust needs to be earned over time. Just calling yourself an expert doesn’t mean people will see you as one, the same way that saying you have the ‘best doughnuts in town’ doesn’t make it true.

Along with releasing great content, another proven way to cement yourself as an expert is to take part in conferences either as a speaker or on a discussion panel. This provides the platform to get in front of the relevant people while showing off your knowledge and skills around industry-specific issues.

This also gives you the opportunity to network and make yourself a constant figure and authority in the sector, increasing your credibility.

But will it help the bottom line?

Positioning yourself as an expert not only improves your credibility, but it makes doing business much easier. You don’t have to prove yourself or explain your experience because you’re a thought leader and an expert — and that speaks for itself. The transaction is more about how you can help a customer, rather than you trying to convince them to work with you.

Creating consistent, informative content, whether it be through your website, social media, at events or through third-party material, saves the guesswork for people who are actively searching for the product or service you provide. And it plants the seed for those potential customers looking to buy further down the track that your business should be the first point of call.

So, if you want your brand to be the next Sharpie, Tupperware or Band-Aid, start creating thought-leading content that is relevant, timely and provides advice or solutions — and get it out to your industry!

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